What to Do When the IRS is After You

For the first time ever, three newly retired IRS agents dare to share the secrets of how the IRS works, secrets that the IRS does not want you to know about its culture, its procedures and how they train their employees to think. A tax collector and two revenue agents... read more

Richard M. Schickel Featured In BloombergBusiness Article

An Emotional Audit: IRS Workers Are Miserable and Overwhelmed Paying taxes to the IRS is no fun. Neither is working there April 8, 2015 by Devin Leonard, Richard Rubin They start lining up before 7 a.m. An hour and a half later, more than 60 people are waiting to get... read more

We’re Proud To Announce Opening of Our New Office

We Know the IRS, Because We Were the IRS.  RMS Tax Consulting LLC is proud to announce the opening of our new office in the 505 Group Building at 505 North Alvernon Way, Tucson, AZ  85711.  We are the largest affiliated group of retired IRS agents, officers and... read more


Fast Facts When Dealing with the IRS

The revenue agent, tax compliance officer, and revenue officer cannot arrest you and put you in jail. Never ignore a letter or phone call from the IRS. The IRS never forgets and never just goes away. Consult a CPA, Enrolled Agent or Tax Attorney if you are contacted... read more

What To Do When The IRS Is After You

If you have received a letter from the Internal Revenue Service or worse yet have been contacted by telephone or by an IRS Revenue Agent or Revenue Officer or Criminal Special Agent knocking at your door, then you need to know how to react. You need to know what to... read more

What To Do About The IRS Situation

By Richard M. Schickel, Enrolled Agent The IRS mostly deals with people who file and pay their taxes in a system supposedly okbased on voluntary compliance, but it always seemed to me like all the wage earner (W-2) employees are caught in a box, with the IRS... read more