We Know the IRS, Because We Were the IRS. 

RMS Tax Consulting LLC is proud to announce the opening of our new office in the 505 Group Building at 505 North Alvernon Way, Tucson, AZ  85711.  We are the largest affiliated group of retired IRS agents, officers and service center workers in the United States. Most are now enrolled agents licensed to practice before the Internal Revenue Service. We specialize in tax audits and tax collections.  We are affiliated with honest and fair tax attorneys, CPA’s, a Certified Fraud Examiner, tax preparers, and bookkeepers.

Dealing with the Internal Revenue Service is seldom simple and never easy. Things can go from bad to terrible very quickly. We know the frustrations of trying to work with the IRS from experience and that is why this company was formed.  We know the tax law, the IRS Manual and the policies and procedures that govern how cases are worked.  We have 150 years of combined experience and knowledge with the IRS.  Knowledge is Power.  We are honest, discreet, confidential and fair.  We want to advocate for you before the IRS. We are:

  • ŸRichard M. Schickel, Senior Revenue Officer for Southern Arizona (retired), 33 years service is an expert in IRS Collections, financial analysis and working on income individual income taxes, and business and corporate taxes. Richard has extensive forensic accounting experience and experience in tax fraud and embezzlement cases.
  • ŸWilliam G. Dieken, Senior Revenue Agent for Southern Arizona (retired) has 34 years of experience in 1040 audits and corporate, partnership and sole proprietor tax audits. He has reviewed many tax returns and knows what IRS looks for in determining who will be audited.
  • Reina A. Fregosa, Senior Revenue Officer for Southern Arizona (retired), is an Offer in Compromise Specialist, Employment Tax Audit Specialist, an expert in federal tax lien law, community property issues, trust fund recovery penalty, negotiating tax cases, redemption of real property, and preventing the seizure and sale of assets. She is bilingual and can provide service to Spanish speaking clients.
  • Guadalupe Aguirre was the Tucson Senior Tax Compliance Officer (retired) (formerly known as Tax Auditor) for 26 years until her retirement in 2013.  She worked small business/self-employed income tax cases.  She specialized in income and expenses analysis during an audit, earned income tax credit, exemptions and deductions, and self-employment tax issues. She is well known and respected by local tax professionals and was known to be firm but fair in her audit determinations.  She is bilingual and able to represent Spanish speaking clients.
  • Kay Deters was a Senior Tax Compliance Officer until retiring in 2014.  She is an expert at interview skills and negotiating technical tax law issues.  She is known for her “meet and deal skills” and was able to resolve many complicated individual income tax matters.  Many of her cases were resolved as “no change audits” and as refunds because of her careful questioning and reasonableness.  She believes that educating a client is the key to preventing future non-compliance. She is also a retired union steward for the National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU).  This gave her great focus and understanding into the mind of IRS Management and how they look at resolving audit cases.
  • We have three retired employees that worked many years in the Ogden, Utah Service Center who know how the IRS Pipeline process works.
  • We have a former revenue officer, who is completing her CPA, who is awaiting her license in the State of Arizona.
  • We have another Tax Auditor (Tax Compliance Officer with 23 years) who is in the process of receiving her Enrolled Agents License.

RMS Tax Consulting Handles:

IRS Collection- Bank and Wage Levies, negotiating Installment Agreements, Currently not Collectible Determinations, Delinquent Returns, Substitute for Returns (SFR), and Trust Fund Penalty.

IRS Audit/Exam

Pre-Filing Audit Assessment, Mail/Phone Audits, Office Audits, Field Audits, Employment Tax Audits, Audit Reconsiderations, Innocent Spouse Determinations, Excise Tax/Dyed Fuel Audits.

IRS Criminal Investigations- What to do if an IRS Special Agent Contacts You.

Other Services:

We will examine your business systems and audit your office procedures to make sure you are in compliance with the law and this will help save you money from employees who may want to embezzle from you.

We are practiced at Business and tax planning, bankruptcy information, business liquidations.  We are experts at advising you on a strategy to make financial plans that take advantage of all IRS procedures that will get you the lowest installment agreement possible.  We offer

We offer hourly consultations with other tax professionals to give them understanding about the IRS Collection and Audit processes.

Please feel free to contact Richard Schickel at 520-668-3243 or Richard@RMS-Consulting.net with any questions.  We look forward to helping you serve your tax issues.